RIM: BlackBerry Make Any Build Server in Indonesia?

RIM: BlackBerry Make Any Build Server in Indonesia?

Jakarta - Principal BlackBerry, Research in Motion (RIM), claiming to remain committed to serving millions of customers in Indonesia without bother to commit the build server. "What`s the point?" RIM officials said. 

Once again, Indonesia has made disappointed by RIM. Canadian vendors prefer Malaysia as the BlackBerry manufacturer, Singapore to network aggregator, and India for the placement of servers. 

Inevitably, this condition makes the Indonesian government rage. Therefore, Indonesia is one of the largest revenue contributor RIM - which currently fall in the global market. 

Have repeatedly, the government through the Ministry of Communications and the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Body (BRTI) charge RIM`s commitment to provide after-sales service, wireless intercepts (lawful interception), to the construction of a BlackBerry server in Indonesia. 

However, after several meetings, the entire request is not fulfilled, not RIM. Especially about access wiretap he already coordinated with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the problems that still tug server. 

Conditions tug is made more negative prejudice against RIM. Therefore, Indonesia impressed just be a place to sell it without going to fulfill its commitments according to the rules and regulations, such as the Telecommunications Act No.36/1999, KM 21/2001 on telecommunications services, and the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE Law) 11 / 2008. 

"We understand the situation. We are committed to working with the government to serve our users in here," said Oliver Pilgerstorfer, head of PR RIM East Asia, on the sidelines of a media briefing Playbook 2.0, in Jakarta, Tuesday (02/21/2012). 

When mowed questions about development commitment RIM server in Indonesia, Oliver even asked. 

"Actually, why should there be a BlackBerry server here? Could you explain, what is expected? Advantage of what can be gained?" 

"We continue to strive to serve customers well without building a server here," said the man from London, England.

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